Fort Wayne Turf Equipment Sales & Service

#1 Fort Wayne, IN Toro Dealer

Kenney Machinery Corporation serves the Fort Wayne and northeastern Indiana area as a Toro equipment distributor that provides new, leased and pre-owned equipment. No matter what your Fort Wayne Toro turf equipment needs might be, Kenney Machinery has you covered.

Toro Parts and Service in Fort Wayne

Turf professionals in Fort Wayne can rely on the factory certified service technicians at Kenney Machinery to develop maintenance programs that are specifically designed for their unique turf and budgeting needs. Trained Kenney professionals will service and winterize any and all turf equipment, and Kenney also helps turf professionals in every stage of planning with our Peace of Mind audit.

The Peace of Mind audit will develop a tailored plan that meets your facility needs by providing recommendations that will help you plan around your budget, all while ensuring that your fleet of equipment stays up and running when demand is at its peak.

Fort Wayne Toro Turf Equipment

Additional Service Areas

Kenney Machinery provides services to the Fort Wayne metro area, which includes Allen, Whitley and Wells Counties. Indiana cities located within the Fort Wayne metro area can enjoy quality service from our sales teams and turf technicians.

Kenney Machinery has additional locations throughout Indiana, including Indianapolis and Evansville, so be sure to visit one of our closest nearby Indiana locations for your Toro equipment needs. To view the latest information regarding our Toro equipment line, click here.

Contact Information for our Fort Wayne turf equipment sales representative:

Mike Grimm


Phone: 260-403-5956

Irrigation and Outdoor Service Needs

The Kenney brand is capable of providing services which extend beyond your turf needs. Our team of Kenney professionals is also happy to offer you the services you need to take care of your irrigation and landscaping supplies and materials.

Kenney Outdoor Solutions carries all major lines of irrigation supplies and products, including the following brands:

• Toro
• Rain Bird
• Weathermatic
• Irritrol
• Hunter
• And Many More

Kenney Outdoor Solutions also carries the latest landscaping materials and drainage supplies as well. Sports facilities, golf courses, parks and contractors alike can all find what they need at Kenney Outdoor Solutions.