5 Reasons to Choose Toro Hydraulic Hoses

This is Number 7 in our series on the importance of using genuine Toro parts. This time the subject is Toro hydraulic hoses.

toro hydraulic hose

Your Toro equipment is just as good as its hydraulic hose. Though it looks low tech, a hydraulic hose is critical in keeping your Toro turf equipment that you depend on running smoothly. The entire hydraulic system relies on the durability of its hoses, which is why there are many hydraulic hose suppliers out there that can help to provide you with the tools that you need to get the job done right.


Your turf equipment ultimately relies on the condition of your Toro hydraulic hose to run as effectively as possible. Here is a look at 5 ways a Toro hydraulic hose keeps your turf equipment working reliably.

#1. Leak-Free Port Stud

Toro-brand port studs use the latest technology, providing a positive stop for the locknut. They remove the chance of backup washer damage, which is one of the major causes of leaks. Even out in the field, port studs allow for quick and easy installation, virtually eliminating the chance of mistakes in assembly.

#2. The Right Size

Does this sound familiar? You need to replace a hydraulic hose. You have a generic ½-inch hydraulic hose on hand. But, your equipment uses a 5/8-inch hose. Is that close enough? Will it still work the same either way? No, and here’s why:

The difference is very small, but it’s critical. It can lead to restricted oil flow or too much back pressure. Both of these problems mean hydraulic hose failure, and ultimately the complete failure of your equipment. Don’t risk equipment downtime and repair costs. Instead, choose to go with Toro hydraulic hoses, rather than the DIY variety.

#3. Safe Couplings

When you use Toro couplings with your equipment, you don’t need to worry about the right length. Users sometimes don’t even realize that the wrong fit can lead to major damage. Consider the case of a 12-inch hose, using a 10-inch coupling on each end.

For convenience, you might choose to go with 2-inch couplings because that’s what you have in stock. The result of doing so, though, could be a blown hose and equipment failure. That’s because specs for your hose are 10 inches of flex, but you’ve just given it 8 inches.

Don’t take chances that could potentially end in disaster. Instead, use genuine Toro couplings that are made to fit right. If you would like to find out more about safe couplings, you can visit California Industrial Rubber Co. for more details.

#4. Custom O-Ring Trap Seal

The O-Ring designed by Toro has a trap seal that is made to lower the chances of a full or partial pop out, which is a common problem associated with generic O-rings. When you use the real thing, you don’t have to worry about damage to the seal and leaks. It adapts for a standard half-dovetail groove.

#5. Immediate, No-Fuss Fit

When you use Toro parts, you have the component you need in just the right size. Simply attach the component, and you’ll be good to go. It connects quickly and easily, requiring next to no effort.

When you go the do-it-yourself route, you increase your risk of failure and damage with DIY hoses. There are many more components involved than just measure, cut, crimp, and replace. Each hose must meet the exact specifications for each equipment model, including length, diameter, surge loads, bend radius and strength, and pressure.

When you use a makeshift hose, the chances for breaks, leaks, and overall damages are much higher. If your hose exhibits signs of damage, be sure to get repairs performed as soon as possible.

How to Keep Your Hydraulic Systems Maintained

Preventive maintenance service is the most price-effective way to keep your Toro turf equipment running dependably, season after season, job after job. Your routine should include the following four tasks:

  • Inspect the system often, looking for signs of leaks.
  • Check the reservoir fluid. If it looks milky, it needs to be replaced.
  • Replace the hydraulic hoses every two years. All you need is a single part number for the Hose Replacement Kit, which includes all the hoses for each model.
  • Replace O-Rings at the same time you replace the hoses.

Toro Hydraulic Hoses Give You Peace of Mind

Using parts made specifically for your Toro equipment reduces worry because you know the hydraulic hose you use will fit and function correctly. These hoses meet the exact engineering specifications needed to keep your turf machine in peak condition. The right part can add years to the lifespan of your equipment.

The combination of genuine Toro hydraulic hoses and scheduled maintenance will keep your equipment running as good as new for years to come.

Contact Kenney Machinery for Toro Hydraulic Hoses

It’s crucial that you have the right type of equipment for the job at a reasonable price. With that in mind, don’t trust just any hoses on your equipment. Instead, provide your equipment with Toro Hydraulic Hoses that were made specifically for the equipment that you have.

For more information on hydraulic hoses from Toro or any other type of turf management equipment, please get in contact with us today or pick up the phone and give us a call! We offer great customer service and a full line of Toro equipment and machines.