Golf Course Maintenance Equipment List: All the Tools You Need

Golf course owners have a lot on their plates. From ensuring that the grass or turf is properly watered to cutting it down to the perfect height, it’s important to have the proper equipment for the job. With so many machines and pieces of equipment out there, it can be difficult to tell what is actually necessary and will lead to a healthier course. The experts at Kenney Machinery have put together a list of golf course maintenance equipment that could positively benefit any course. Get in touch with us today to learn more about any of our products or to request a demo.


Fairway Mowers

Fairway mowers have excellent cutting ability to provide ideal playing conditions for golfers. Whether you’re trying to achieve a classic or contour cut, fairway mowers are excellent at providing the results you’re looking for. Toro® fairway mowers supply superior cuts and require minimal maintenance. 

Rough Mowers

In order to properly mow your rough areas, you need a mower that can quickly cut, without sacrificing cut quality. Kenney Machinery offers a variety of Toro and Ventrac models that can provide trouble-free performance and maintenance.

Walk Greensmowers

You must ensure that the specific cut demands of your greens are met. Walk greensmowers are great at providing the cut that you need in smaller or hard-to-access areas. 

Riding Greensmowers

Riding greensmowers also provide proper cuts to meet the needs of your greens, but can cover large areas more efficiently than walk greensmowers.

Utility Vehicles

Kenney Machinery provides Toro utility vehicles to make transportation far more efficient. When you need to go to the next hole or bring equipment to another site, there’s no time to waste. 

The Workman GTX, Workman HD, and Workman MD vehicles from Toro are compatible with a number of options and accessories to make the transportation of your golf course equipment much easier. From extension kits to hose reels and trash can storage, you’re sure to find attachments and accessories that appeal to your specific needs.

Application Equipment

Delivering the proper applications to your grass and turf is key to maintaining the health of your course. Application equipment accurately delivers the chemicals that your course needs. Toro’s Multi Pro 5800 comes with GeoLink, which automatically turns nozzles on and off based on your location. 

GeoLink ensures that you don’t overlap chemicals or miss any spots, decreasing the amount of wasted chemicals and keeping your turf healthy.

Cultivation Equipment

Cultivation equipment improves water infiltration and manages organic matter accumulation, among other things. These machines are vital to keeping your golf course looking beautiful all year long. With equipment from Toro, cultivating your golf course has never been more productive and effective.

Debris Management Equipment

Throughout the year, debris is bound to accumulate on your golf course. It’s vital that you have the right equipment to properly manage and renovate your property. Debris management equipment from Toro cleans the course, leads to major labor savings, and clears grass, sand, and more.  

Contact Kenney for Golf Course Maintenance Equipment

Golf course owners everywhere know the importance of keeping a course healthy, clean, and beautiful all season long. Golfers need to trust that where they’re playing has been properly managed and maintained.

For reliable golf course maintenance equipment from Toro, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kenney Machinery today. We offer new and used golf course management equipment to help you keep your course running well all year long.