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How to Properly Irrigate Your Turf

While you may think that you’re giving your turf the perfect amount of water, the reality is that you might be overwatering or underwatering it. However, ensuring that you’re giving your turf the proper amount of irrigation will help your turf thrive and stay healthy for years to come. In the newest blog from the turf management professionals at Kenney Machinery, we’ll discuss proper watering tips for your turf. Water Early or Late in the Day For the most effective irrigation, it’s recommended that you water your turf either later in the morning or in the afternoon. Because your turf
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Best Ways to Fix Patchy Grass

No matter how much effort you put into preserving the health of your grass, it always seems like patches develop. When a hot summer without much rainfall produces patchy lawns, they can become an ugly spot in your otherwise healthy lawn. So, how do you fix patches in your grass, and how do you ensure that they won’t come back in the future once they’re fixed? Luckily, there are a number of steps that you can take to fix your patchy grass. The experts at Kenney Machinery will help you identify a few ways to fix that patchy lawn and
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