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Golf Course Mowing Patterns: The Ultimate Guide

Golfers everywhere can truly appreciate the beauty of a golf course that has been properly maintained and mowed. Walking up to the tee box, ready to take that first swing of the day, and looking out onto a beautiful, freshly cut fairway can truly enhance the experience for any golfer. There’s nothing quite like the sight of a perfectly mowed golf course. Different patterns on a golf course create beautiful scenery, but are more than just that. Properly alternating between different patterns and maintaining a consistent mowing schedule can help to create a healthy, beautiful course that golfers are eager
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How to Help Turfgrass Recover from Spring Flooding

Spring and early summer months bring warm sunshine and blooming flowers. Sometimes, however, these warmer months also bring damaging rainfall and flooding events that devastate turf grass and sports fields. Here’s what you need to know to help your turfgrass recover from springtime flooding. Factors that Impact Turfgrass Survivability Every turfgrass species differs in its ability to tolerate and survive flooding events. A few variables impact the survivability of each species. Water temperature is a significant factor. Turfgrass tends to survive better when the floodwater and air temperatures are cooler. Turfgrass can survive up to 60 days submerged under floodwaters
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