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How to Get Turf Equipment Ready for Spring

When the weather starts to get warmer, it’s important to get your turf equipment ready for spring. Don’t wait until the last minute to ensure that your lawn care and turf equipment is ready for everything you’ll throw at it. Instead, make sure to be proactive and get your turf equipment in good working order and ready for the challenge with proper lawn mower maintenance. Depending on the type of turf equipment you’ll be using, there will be different steps for ensuring it’s ready for the upcoming season. In our most recent blog, we detail what should be done for
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Bench Seat Kit for Workman GTX

Our Toro Workman UTV accessory of the week is the bench seat kit for the Workman GTX. The kit allows you to replace the standard bucket seat with a bench seat. It features an Elastomeric Vibration Control system to improve operator comfort. The Workman GTX can be configured with either two or four seats, and with this kit, those seats can either be bench seats or bucket seats. It’s just one of the dozens of available accessories for the Workman line of UTVs, making them the most versatile line of UTVs on the market. Benefits of the Workman GTX Bench
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