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How to Select the Right Snow Removal Machine for Your Business

For businesses that are located in colder climates, winter can present quite a challenge. When several inches of snow accumulate overnight, it’s critical that you’re prepared with the necessary snow removal equipment to clear snow surrounding your workplace. How do you know, however, what the right snow removal equipment is for your business to tackle the winter weather Mother Nature brings each year? In our most recent blog, Kenney Machinery discusses how to select the best snow removal equipment for your business. Types of Snow Removal Machines When you’re deciding which type of machine is best for removing snow for
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Toro Workman UTV Featured Accessories Help Increase Storage Capacity

Toro Workman Utility Vehicles are incredibly durable, versatile, and effective utility vehicles that help you get the job done. With the addition of a few accessories, you’ll become more productive and effective than ever before, as you’re able to store more equipment and supplies. As we continue to highlight the versatility of Toro’s utility vehicles by reviewing all of their available accessories, we want to showcase several of their accessories that are designed to help increase the storage capacity of your vehicle. Underhood Storage Kit First up is the underhood storage kit, which provides an easy-to-reach storage area in the
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